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The list below shows all ZeuS configs, ZeuS binaries, ZeuS dropzones and FakeURLs which are hosted on ganhedwakar.tk.

Live Information

ZeuS C&C:ganhedwakar.tk
IP address:
Host status:online
SBL:Not listed
AS number:24806
AS name:INTERNET-CZ Ktis 2, 384 03 Ktis, CZ
Country:- Slovakia (SK)
Level:4 (Unknown / not categorized)
Sponsoring registrar:n/a
Nameserver(s):ns01.freenom.com | ns02.freenom.com | ns03.freenom.com | ns04.freenom.com
Date added:2014-11-21
Last checked:2017-06-25
Last updated:2017-03-26
BL status:This host is being published on the ZeuS Blocklist!

ZeuS ConfigURLs on this C&C

DateaddedZeuS ConfigURLStatusVBuilderFilesizeMD5 hashHTTP StatusFile download
2014-11-21ganhedwakar.tk/giveittome/getoff/config.binoffline22.1.0.134'43878e0d7acf2100ad4fcbad03ea17e624c200- download

ZeuS BinaryURLs on this C&C

DateaddedZeuS BinaryURLStatusFilesizeMD5 hashAnubisVirustotalHTTP StatusFile download
2014-11-21ganhedwakar.tk/giveittome/getoff/bot.exeonline107ca31b8cf59dbf089120bf1244a1b9391Anubis report reportn/a200- download

ZeuS DropURLs (Dropzones) on this C&C

DateaddedDropURLStatusHTTP Status

FakeURLs referenced by ZeuS Configs

ZeuS Config MD5FakeURLProtocol

Historical information

Domain History

ChangedateHostIP addressAS numberAS nameCountry
2014-11-21ganhedwakar.tk162.144.127.10446606BLUEHOST-AS-2 - Bluehost Inc.

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