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The Swiss Security Blog: www.abuse.ch
SpyEye Tracker: spyeyetracker.abuse.ch
Palevo Tracker: palevotracker.abuse.ch
Emerging Threats Snort rules rules.emergingthreats.net
Snort rules for detecting malware C&C traffic: Snort malware C&C rules

Information Security

SpamTracker's Spamwiki: www.spamtrackers.eu/wiki
Fighting spam with SpamCop: www.SpamCop.net
Protecting your browser: www.siteadvisor.com
Figthing Spam: www.complainterator.com
Malware Domain List (MDL): www.malwaredomainlist.com
Team Cymru: www.team-cymru.org
EvilFingers: www.evilfingers.com
Rootkit Analytics: www.rootkitanalytics.com
Autoshun: www.autoshun.org
Shadowserver: www.shadowserver.org


Swiss Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI): www.melani.admin.ch


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