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Below is a list of all ZeuS C&Cs as well as Fake URLs which are currently known to ZeuS Tracker. You can browse the ZeuS Tracker to get a list of ZeuS C&Cs and FakeURLs for a specified country or AS. Additionally, ZeuS Tracker provides a feature which allows to filter the ZeuS C&Cs for specified nameservers, level, status and many more.

Each ZeuS C&C or FakeURL is tagged with a level. The level indicates which kind of IP the Host is hosted on. Here is an overview about the levels and its meaning:

Level Description
Level 1 Bulletproof hosted
Level 2 Hacked webserver
Level 3 Free hosting service
Level 4 Unknown
Level 5 Hosted on a FastFlux botnet

Additionally, every host is at least in one of the following category:

You can also search the ZeuS Tracker for domains, IPs, urls, MD5 hashes or FakeURLs:

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DateaddedMalwareHostIP addressLevelStatusFiles OnlineSBLCountryAS numberUptime
2014-08-06Ice IXdlauten.bplaced.net94.130.236.1003online0Not listed-AS24940838:59:59
2014-04-14Ice IXcodebacktowork2.tk4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2014-02-22Ice IX193.107.19.24193.107.19.244unknown0SBL182236-AS21001
2013-10-09Ice IX103.4.52.150103.4.52.1504unknown0SBL200191-AS46062
2013-09-30Ice IXice.andromed.in.ua4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2013-09-12Ice IXhenex.net.ua3offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2013-07-08Ice IXice.ip64.net216.176.184.214online0Not listed-AS23033838:59:59
2013-06-15Ice IXprojects.globaltronics.net66.116.153.1424online0Not listed-AS32392838:59:59
2012-12-10Ice IXcounter-1.adscounter.com.ua4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2012-10-12Ice IXdasch.pl 4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59

# of ZeuS C&Cs displayed: 10
# of ZeuS C&Cs in ZeuS Tracker: 459 [Remove all filters]