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Below is a list of all ZeuS C&Cs as well as Fake URLs which are currently known to ZeuS Tracker. You can browse the ZeuS Tracker to get a list of ZeuS C&Cs and FakeURLs for a specified country or AS. Additionally, ZeuS Tracker provides a feature which allows to filter the ZeuS C&Cs for specified nameservers, level, status and many more.

Each ZeuS C&C or FakeURL is tagged with a level. The level indicates which kind of IP the Host is hosted on. Here is an overview about the levels and its meaning:

Level Description
Level 1 Bulletproof hosted
Level 2 Hacked webserver
Level 3 Free hosting service
Level 4 Unknown
Level 5 Hosted on a FastFlux botnet

Additionally, every host is at least in one of the following category:

You can also search the ZeuS Tracker for domains, IPs, urls, MD5 hashes or FakeURLs:

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DateaddedMalwareHostIP addressLevelStatusFiles OnlineSBLCountryAS numberUptime
2015-08-14KINStech-dan.xyz4offline0Not listed- 15:58:41
2015-08-02KINSchezhiyasweheropasl.su4offline0Not listed- 00:00:00
2015-07-31KINSvassabgg.pw4offline0Not listed- 02:00:43
2015-07-27KINSarvision.com.co4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2015-07-24KINStechmaha.pw4offline0Not listed- 56:10:44
2015-07-22KINSnewversionpdun.in.net4offline0Not listed- 03:19:41
2015-07-07KINSfinsolutions.top4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2015-07-06KINScosmosdady.su4offline0Not listed- 21:47:00
2015-06-17KINSbright.su89.108.85.654online0Not listed-AS43146838:59:59
2015-06-17KINSbitters.su4offline0Not listed- 206:29:43
2015-06-07KINStechmag.space4offline0Not listed- 22:02:34
2015-06-03KINSdepolakoeasre.pw4offline0Not listed- 25:33:04
2015-06-03KINSbolerakopsoa.pw4offline0Not listed- 25:33:25
2015-05-23KINSahmedashid.com4offline0Not listed- 69:49:01
2015-05-18KINSxclones.in.net4offline0Not listed- 09:58:44
2015-05-17KINStechemeka.work4offline0Not listed- 03:12:48
2015-05-06KINSaljazeera.kz4offline0Not listed- 183:53:47
2015-05-01KINSturkeyhotelnoslafas.su4offline0Not listed- 88:24:01
2015-04-25KINSlivinglounges.su4offline0Not listed- 209:32:03
2015-04-20KINSextremesports.kz4offline0Not listed- 14:31:14
2015-04-12KINSregame.su4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2015-04-09KINSangryshippflyforok.su4offline0Not listed- 02:52:54
2015-04-08KINS0if1nl6.org4offline0Not listed- 00:40:17
2015-03-24KINSnonstopeddanceraz.su4offline0Not listed- 01:09:05
2015-03-24KINSbibrath.eu4offline0Not listed- 47:59:45
2015-03-09KINSpedropedreiromoxik.su4offline0Not listed- 44:54:55
2015-03-08KINSwvin.su4offline0Not listed- 72:15:38
2015-03-05KINSsmartfoodsglutenfree.kz4offline0Not listed- 495:48:57
2015-02-21KINSashoesheestono.eu4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2015-02-17KINSbeatyhousesupporte.su4offline0Not listed- 17:42:13
2014-12-03KINSrsslessons.su4offline0Not listed- 13:05:04
2014-11-14KINSsslsam.com4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2014-07-23KINSvankapetkavanis4.pw4offline0Not listed- 19:04:08
2014-07-22KINSgooglepetkavanis4.pw4offline0Not listed- 08:59:35
2014-07-16KINSvalntooglesakrundigk.pw1offline0Not listed- 05:19:28
2014-05-26KINSsv1.eyeonmusica.it4offline0Not listed- 475:15:49
2014-05-18KINSdoratopelase.pw4offline0Not listed- 100:14:54
2014-05-17KINSsamoniklo.pw4offline0Not listed- 06:22:55
2014-04-27KINSdelaponitan.pw4offline0Not listed- 32:08:25
2014-04-27KINSslivoratikam.pw4offline0Not listed- 49:23:58
2014-04-26KINSs1.eyeonmusica.it4offline0Not listed- 799:58:15
2014-04-26KINSanaliticwebexperience.com4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59
2014-04-23KINSdiguing-store.net4offline0Not listed- 838:59:59

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