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The ZeuS C&C belorus.tk was not found in the ZeuS Tracker database.
However, this ZeuS C&C was listed previously but has been removed on 2016-07-03 12:53:03 (UTC) with the following reason: investigated/cleaned

Historical Information

ZeuS C&C:belorus.tk
Dateadded:2015-06-17 07:15:40 (UTC)
Lastupdated:2016-06-28 10:14:02 (UTC)
Uptime (hhh:mm:ss)555:55:31
Removal date:2016-07-03 12:53:03 (UTC)
Removal reason:investigated/cleaned

ZeuS URLHTTP StatusType
belorus.tk/logs/file.phpHTTP 200ConfigURL
belorus.tk/logs/gate.phpHTTP 200DropURL

# of URLs: 2