ZeuS Tracker :: ZeuS Config 5bfe6370524bbce4f014e656eed7dfd6

File type:ZeuS Config
MD5 Hash:5bfe6370524bbce4f014e656eed7dfd6
Filesize:34'436 bytes
File download:- download
Config Version:2
Builder Version:
Active ConfigURLs:0
First seen:2014-11-15
Last seen:never

ZeuS ConfigURLs

The list below shows all ZeuS ConfigURLs which have the same MD5 hash 5bfe6370524bbce4f014e656eed7dfd6.

DateaddedZeuS ConfigURLStatusHTTP Status

# of ZeuS ConfigURLs: 1

Targeted Country

This ZeuS config file attacks/targets insitutions in the following countries:

- Australia (AU)1
- Bulgaria (BG)1
- Canada (CA)1
- Germany (DE)2
- Spain (ES)29
- France (FR)1
- United Kingdom (GB)11
- Ireland (IE)1
- Italy (IT)9
- Russian Federation (RU)4
- Turkey (TR)1
- United States (US)11

# of targeted countries: 13